Adrian A. Benjamin

Brand representative – EnCaugh.

Ainslie Walker

Brand representative – Ainsley Walker. Perfumer at Ainsley Walker .

Akari Hoshi

Brand representative – BelAirLab Tokyo.

Alex Andrei

Blogger at Instagram (@mastamyth).

Ali Erkekli

Brand representative – Anka Kus Parfums. Perfumer at Anka Kus Parfums.

Alie Kiral

Pearfat Parfum

Amanda Louise Beadle

Perfumer, Brand Owner

Ana C. Stoian

Perfume writer. Author and Editor at Ana Y El Perfume blog.

Andreas Keller

Institution Representative, Olfactory Art Keller

Andrew Everett


Anjali Vandermark

Brand representative – Anjali Perfumes. Perfumer at Anjali Perfumes.

Aromas de Salazar

Michael J Salazar, Brand Owner
Aromas de Salazar

Beckie Sheloske

Brand representative – Olfactionist. Perfumer at Olfactionist.

Benjamin Esposito

Brand representative – House of Mammouth. Perfumer at House of Mammoth.

Bernadette Grace L Lim

Perfumer / Brand Owner
scentful living

Bharti Lalwani

Brand representative – Litrahb Perfumery. Perfumer at Litrahb Perfumery.

Blanka Crozier

The author and owner of, a fragrance and olfaction blog.

Brian Bakker

NoseFragrances: Writer / Content Creator, Website / Media Platform Owner
Nose Knows No Notes

Brooke Belldon

Website/Media Platform Owner

Carter Weeks Maddox

Brand representative – Chronotope. Perfumer at Chronotope.

Catherine Haley Epstein

Publicist, writer, consultant, lecturer. Publisher – Mindmarrow.

Chad Byslma

Brand representative – Age of Querrele. Perfumer at Age of Querrele.

Chester Henry Gibs

Brand representative, perfumer at Chester Gibs Art and Olfaction.

Chris Classic

Brand representative – Savoir Faire.

Christina Weerakoon

Perfumer, Brand Owner – Bunny’s Formula
Bunny's Formula

Christophe Laudamiel

Brand representative – Dreamair, The ZOO NYC. Perfumer at Dreamair, The ZOO, BelAirLab Tokyo.

Clayton Ilolahia

Writer. Author WMSSL / What Men Should Smell Like.

Clément Paradis

Writer / Content Creator – IG nez_paradis

Clémentine Beun

clementine beun

Craig Andrade

Brand representative – Raconteur. Perfumer at Raconteur.

Dana Brown

Brand representative – Kamala’s Own. Perfumer at Kamala’s Own.

Dana El Masri

Brand representative – Jazmin Sarai. Perfumer at Jazmin Saraï.

Dana Sandu

La Nasu Meu. Writer and Editor at Nas de Nas / A Nose Knows.

Daniel Gallagher

Brand representative – Gallagher Fragrances. Perfumer at Gallagher Fragrances.

Danu Seth Fyr

Ode_r. Author and Editor at Ode_r.

Darren Alan White

Perfumer, Pure Skin Formulations LLC – CEO
darren alan perfumes

Dave Kern

Store /company representative – American Perfumer. Brand manager at American Perfumer.

David Jipa

Brand representative – Toskovat. Perfumer at Toskovat.

Deola Paul-Inyang

Brand representative – Abela Scents of Africa. Perfumer at Abela Scents of Africa.

Diane St. Clair

Brand representative – St. Claire Scents. Perfumer at St. Claire Scents.

Diffractive Studio

Alessandra Mondin, Founder and Perfumer
diffractive studio

Elena Cvjetković

The Plum Girl. Author and Editor at The Plum Girl website.

Eliane Gazzard

Brand representative – Egeau.

Elisabeth Gaynes

Brand representative – Strangelove.

Eliza Douglas

Perfumer. Perfume evaluator. Lecturer.

Emily Schaber

Brand representative – Shelter in Perfume. Perfumer at Shelter in Perfume.

Emma Jane Pratt

Perfumer, Brand Owner Emma Pratt Trading as Elsie&Tom

Enrico Calandro

Brand representative – Casa Essenziera. Perfumer at Casa Essenziera.

Ethan M Turner

Brand representative – Moi fragrances. Perfumer at Moi Fragrances.

Euan McCall

Brand representative – Jorum Laboratories. Perfumer at Jorum Laboratories.