Because we believe that a not-for-profit defending the art or the science should disclose who is financing its operations, we shall disclose on this page the support, financial or in-kind, behind this initiative.

Any person or entity donating or contributing $10,000/yr or more, shall be disclosed by name.


  • Writing and editing: 4 pledgers
  • Email communication management: 2 pledgers
  • Graphics design: 1 designer
  • Web design, web development and web administration: 1 pledger

Financial donations

  • Web hosting: $35/yr, 1 pledger
  • WPC Center Page: $1,500 one page / one-off cost: 20 pledgers
  • WPC app banner: $750 / one-off cost: 5 pledgers

UPDATED ON MAY 25, 2022.