The PERFUMERY CODE OF ETHICS is a public initiative created by Christophe Laudamiel and promoted by all pledgers.

It touches specific and crucial points in the Perfume Industry and Community, related to the very jobs of perfume creating, sourcing of raw materials, branding and communicating.

The Code of Ethics initiative is currently based on an honor system.
There is no commitment beside what is duly expressed in its content. Edits, additions to and enforcement of the Code are on a case by case basis after discussion among the current pledgers.  

The on-going vision for the Code is to ultimately be adopted and hosted by larger academic or professional institutions.


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Liberté, Égalité, Fragrancité

The Initiative was conceived around the time A Fragrance Manifesto was published.

The Perfumery Code of Ethics, research and perfume theory consideration

versions 1- 13.

2016 – 2019
2020. – A badge and the public initiative
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The second round….

first working group across geographies and perfumery styles

mid 2020

3rd round of pledgers to the Code. Discussions initiated with key non-profit organizations

4th round of pledgers to the Code and launch of public website

May 2022
December 2022

5 th round of pledgers to the Code, reaching 100 in total.

6 th round of pledgers to the Code, reaching 122 in total.

November 2023
April 2024

128 pledgers!

perfumery code of ethics 2024 version logo

May 2024: Refreshed logo!


As of May 2024 the initiative assembled 130 individuals –  perfume designers, brand or store owners, institutions, perfume writers and publishers, who all signed the pledge to The Perfumery Code Of Ethics.

Pledgers to this Initiative come from 20 countries!